We are proud of our past and strive to a successful future...

Our history

History ADAMAS Corp. has more than 35 years of productive work.

Back in 1981, Fritz Blackundwhite became the founder of a small German company, which was engaged in the construction of industrial buildings. During the next 10 years, high quality and speed of work made Adamas leading company in this industry. After this 10 years, the company expanded its activities and became involved in civil engineering. After another ten years we started to produce consumer goods.

And after another 5 years of Adamas Corp. started the development of agricultural areas. Proper cultivation of wheat and corn allowed to export these crops in a number of European countries.

A little later – after 3 years, departments of logistics and financial services have been established. Today, the state employees group company Adamas has about 27301 professionals at various levels. The number of branches increased to 27 units worldwide. Park of industrial and construction machinery counts more than 845 units. This year we have opened a new trend – the logistics and financial services.

Our company now employs a large number of experienced professionals and we are doing everything possible for the development and prosperity of our company.


Started construction company

In 1981, in the city of Kornwestheim, by Fritz Blackundwhite the small construction company was created.

A small team of enthusiasts took up the repair of buildings and building industrial constructions. Basically, the work taken building workshops and warehouses – roof replacement and exterior trim works.

Construction services

Involved in civil engineering

In 1991, the company Adamas Corp. became involved in civil engineering.

Experience has allowed to begin to explore the direction of civil engineering. Now our company has started the construction of town houses, swimming pools, sports fields, parks and fountains.

Civil engineering

Production of consumer goods

In 2001, our company produces plant for the production of consumer goods.

This year, our company has invested in a small factory for the production of shoes. thanks to the professional skill range has been expanded and improved product quality.

Commerce services

Agricultural activity

In 2006, we start to develop the agricultural area. There is growing wheat, maize and other crops.

This year, the company’s assets to join a large farm area of 45,000 hectares. Now our company has become a producer of wheat and corn.

Agriculture services

Logistics and finance

In 2009 the company expanded significantly. There are areas of logistics and financial services.

This year was very important for us. We have opened a new trend – the logistics and financial services. Suffice specific area. But thanks to new managers and professionals, we quickly came to the proper level of functioning.

Logistic services

Adamas Corp - market leader

Today, the state employees group company Adamas Corp. has about 27301 professionals at various levels.

The highest quality of services and products allow us to declare itself as a leading company in the industrial bearing manufacturing areas, welded aluminum constructions.

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